Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Relaxin' Days

Kauleen and I have had the past 3 days off - and it has been so nice. We've both still been trying to get to feeling 100% better from the icky cold we both had!

We picked up Mark (her brother) and Margaret that flew in from Oklahoma on Friday night so we picked them up in Bothell at K's sisters :) we enjoyed a nice visit with the whole family (Gerry - dad, Laurie - sister, Mark - brother, Carlo - brother in law, Amelia - 4 (almost 5- march 28th) niece, Malaney - 2 - niece, Baby Maggie - almost 1 :o) and Baby Carlo! It was very enjoyable.......

Saturday Mark and Margaret did some hanging out with Dad and Kauleen and I had no energy....(which you will see is a pattern!) so we hung out here at home and took a nap, and chilled.

Sunday we went back to Bothell for Kauleen's BIG 4-0 Birthday Bash with the family. Laurie's Gma and little sister from Oklahoma had also flown in on Saturday with Jynna's new baby Keegan - so literally - it was a family reunion! I got to meet family I hadn't met and am looking forward to meeting MOM the first week in April when she flies out from Oklahoma!

Monday - Mark and Margaret had dinner plans and spent the afternoon again with Dad. I was going a bit stir crazy and I believe K was too - but guess what? We didn't do anything!! We just hung out, read, and chilled out.

Tuesday (the BIRTH-day!) Mark and Margaret went to Seattle and I had a massage at 10:00am. I got a massage a few weeks back - but sometimes if I haven't gone for awhile I need to go a few times close by because the knots just do not get worked out the first time. I had a cold the previous time I went and felt miserable upon my return. After this massage, I felt wonderful............relaxed and pain-free! It was one of my *best* massages. Danniell Naumann - Synergy Salon - she rocks. :) We didn't do anything spectacular this day either..........had no energy - just hung out.

The past few days were amazingly awesome in the fact that Kauleen and I both were just content staying home and doing nothing..........

Wednesday (Today) we woke up early to take Mark and Margaret back to the airport - traffic sucked. We left at 8am and got to the airport at about 9:45! We then drove back home and had an appointment in Bellingham - so did that - and after a day of driving - got home at 2pm! We got us some ice cream ;o) (a very special treat for Randi being lactose intolerant) and then a nap! Now we are doing laundry, I'm blogging, listening to tunes........and gonna get ready for the work day tomorrow.


We finally got all of our correct paperwork into NW Cryobank and as of tomorrow the boys should be at the clinic! :) Our #1 was still in quarantine so we had to choose #2 - which was fine :) and here's how Kauleen describes him:

We hope that his magical powers will snatch my snitch.

Black hair, green eyes - and here is his link: (#434)

I start taking Butrelle shots tomorrow (in the stomach) and have another doctors appointment on Friday - and the doctor was talking today about Sunday and/or Monday being the insemination point! :o) I had 4 eggs today......we'll see how many we have on Friday.

We're really hoping this is the last try............financially and emotionally.

I've been out of sorts lately - could be all the company and such. Am looking into maybe trying a few different options.........maybe even acupuncture.

I've been told to eat lots of good fat for the baby - so avocado's are filling my fridge. AND if you haven't been to COSTCO to get their FRESH BLUEBERRIES - you MUST! We eat frozen blueberries on cereal every morning - but these fresh blueberries are to DIE for. (speaking of which - our Costco is open until 8:30pm so I will be making a special run tonight there for a special baby treat!) :)

2 last pieces of information:

1) I am not a huge reader. I tend to play on the computer and enjoy that time rather than reading. I don't watch TV all that much either (usually sleep!) but I checked out a book from the library after having seen that my cousin (MJ - thanks!) was reading it - Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is rocking my world. I am understanding every aspect of her life and her being..........and I'm hoping it inspires me (which it has done) to better myself and do *what* Randi needs.

2) Life Is Good - I cannot wait for this conference to get here. I'm looking forward to the door decorating, the talent show, the UNChoir (which I plan on partaking in), hoping there will be someone there who does DRUMS? (I'm thinking congo?), meeting and hanging out with fun, crazy, wild people and then am looking even more forward to the week after traveling down the coast with the love of my life :) with a baby on board ;o)

LIFE is good.


Pat said...

Reading your blog is almost like being with you- you do so good at description. I'm glad your tyring the ice cream hope it makes a big difference. I almost bought that book the other day, now I can read yours when you are done. Love you two MOM

Ronnie said...

Somehow I missed this post before. About drums at LiG - I would love it. The drum circle at the Oregon Country Fair was amazing and moving. Jon Gold has a drum, so I bet he'd be up for it, too.