Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down Time

I finally have a bit of down time to write something substantial :)

I went to my acupuncture appointment last night and as he was feeling my pulse (and talking to me about when I was inseminated) I asked him if there was a way for him to tell me I was pregnant. :) He checked my other pulse (right hand) and said "the sounds of it to me would mean your pregnant!" :) So, we'll see......I immediately came home and looked it up online and I've heard of people being told they were pregnant by acupuncturists! :)

I got out of bed this morning and felt a bit queasy...... and have felt a bit off kilter all day today.

Lots of not so good stuff/changes going on at work :o( K and I are just seeing what becomes of it.........and we'll make decisions as needed.

We're looking into what is called "Recasting". It is like $300.00 and what you do, is you pay a chunk of money down on your principal and then they re-amortize your loan from the date you recast. K's sister Laurie is thinking of doing it - and it would knock their payment down $400 a month! We're contemplating doing it if we rent our house out..........(which isn't necessarily anytime soon.............but if we're prego........ we'll seee) Call you lender if your interested.............its a lot cheaper than a refinance if you have the money to put down!

I'm pretty tired so I'm going to wrap it up.

Anyone who is interested - there is an ADULT EASTER EGG HUNT at SKAGIT VALLEY GARDENS on SATURDAY at 1pm :) I'll be there. :)



Skyrat said...

How exciting! Can't wait for the confirmation.

Ronnie said...

I'm so anxious to know for sure! You must be going cuckoo.

Wouldn't a recast extend your mortgage by years? I wouldn't like that.

Randi said...

Ronnie - I know it sounds too good to be true but recasting you pay money down on the principal and then they reamoritorize your loan. The terms of your loan do not change.

Anonymous said...

go with what your body is telling you. you know the truth, dont you? i love you cuz, and check you page every day. love cori.

Randi said...

I think I know the truth......but wanting this children as badly as we do - sure is hard to know the truth over me really wanting one.

It only gets tougher as the weekend draws closer....and as another shot comes :( If I'm not pregnant that is the first thing I am so excited for.....and if I am -I'll be excited to try something different (suppositories, or cream!)


Ronnie said...

Meme Tag! You're it!