Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pink Blog

Ok for those who saw my pink blog - and thought it was because I wanted a girl - WRONG!!! :) I thought it was spring like and so I changed it.

Thinking about it - I didn't want to jinx I'm back to my neutral colors but a bit of a different layout. I'll stay with this template awhile.

Not too much going on just working, eating and sleeping. I've been battling allergies...... :o/ I've been tested for them and no doctor can tell me what *type* of allergies I have - but massive drainage and yucky goo. ugh. So, Clariton (safe in pregnancy - THANK GOODNESS!) has been my best friend.

I tried acupuncture last didn't hurt and wasn't too bad. We'll try a few more sessions.....and see how it goes. He says after a few sessions I should feel like "floating out!" :)

Kauleen had a grand idea that we'd try to do decaffeinated coffee (best for baby and mom). I struggled for days with no energy, migraines, etc.......I kept saying for the ONE CUP of coffee I have each morning (and I'm lucky if I drink the full cup) I *need* my caffeine. So, we broke down this morning and got mocha's.......oh my gosh I feel like a different person. VERY sad that I'm so addicted to my one cup.........but I NEED IT!

I'm feeling much better after the 2 days of major cramping. THAT WAS AWFUL!! It is a sign of nothing I've ever had before.........and I'm feeling very positive towards this.......really am. I've had different things/signs.........I guess I just have a *feeling*. *shrug* we'll see..........I get to test in a few weeks. :)

Love to you all and THANK YOU for all that are hoping, praying, lighting candles and sending all energy our way.

P.S. If you comment - please post your name. I'm being baffled by some of the comments from people but don't know where they came from :) They are lovely thoughts for us (am so blessed for that) but would love to show appreciation to you individually sometimes too :)


Anonymous said...

Keep thinking pink and blue, and take those cute "twin" outfits with you in a backpack or diaper bag! Think BABIES!!
Loving you!
Aunt Mary

Deb said...

Didn't realize my name wasn't showing in your readout once I log into Sorry 'bout that.

I'll try to remember and sign Miss Too, that you'll know it's Deb, here.

Miss Too

P.S. Missing the pink.

Frank said...

Hated the pink. Glad you switched. (VBG)

Frank, aka Mr. Manly Testosterone Dude (Yep! That's pretty much me.)