Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too Much - Out Of Sorts

Today I've been a bit out of sorts.........may have been my exercising that I'm starting to do and did a little to much this morning? or could it be that we've had nothing but emotionally draining/exciting/exhausting stress for the past few months? and/or that work has been overly exhausting, busy and we're trying to implement a new incentive program (starting April 1) with people gone? (oh and that this new incentive program will cut our pay in probably 1/4 of what it was?) UGH.

WITH THAT ALL SAID.............

I'm very thankful for Erin and her willingness to share her books, diaper covers, and goods with me for a future baby :)

I'm very thankful for my Mom and her patience in *helping* me fill out massive amounts of paperwork on family history.

I'm very thankful for Kauleen and the sweet note she wrote me on the computer this morning - after - a really silly not so fun morning :o(

I'm very thankful for the call we got last week from Bellingham IVF, the opportunity that is rising from it......not yet set in stone...... we will not be trying in April but looks as if we may be able to do Invitro (IVF) in May........we're working out a lot of the details (and trying to work around the Life Is Good conference - where I won't be needing to take care of my embroys!) So......that's been a bit of a stresser too.........wanting to do it all.........but how to work it all in. UGH.

We need a vacation............and it is coming soon.

Love to you all.


Skyrat said...

Sounds like maybe you're trying to cram too much in a small space of time. May have to set priorities and let something go. No stress! *HUGS*

Zenmomma said...

{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for both of you! And more hugs to come at LIFE is Good. I'll be keeping peaceful, baby making thoughts in my heart for you.