Saturday, January 10, 2009

December 26th

Oh Roooooooooonnnnnnniiiiiiiiieeeeeeee :) I'm here........

I didn't realize I haven't posted since December 26th.......geez........... that's a long time. I must say I have thought about it ;) and we were going to take a belly picture this morning, but decided a few more weeks would be more of a difference!

We're headed to a girls family gathering with Mom's side of the family this afternoon.......playing games, hanging out.

I have lots to post maybe I can get my rear in gear and actually do some of it tonight.... here's my list for those that want to see and/or anticipate my writings...

Pants & Adverse Weather
Long Profile from Donor
Work and its crazyness
Heartbeat doppler
14 weeks :)
Unschooling Conference & Friends

I think that's it for now....... gotta go dry my hair, and figure out what to have for lunch! FOOD!!



Beachbum said...

I'll wait patiently with Ronnie!

Eric and Lori said...

I enjoyed the evening with you guys too!! I probably won't go to another meeting here, but I think I'll look up the LLL in Hawaii. If anything, it's nice to have a base of support. (Although I have a feeling that Hawaii will be even more laid back about breast feeding. :)

Skyrat said...

Can't wait for you to expand upon your list. Were you pleased with the donor profile? Always interested in what's happening in the office. Enjoy your girl's outing!