Sunday, December 28, 2008

This N That

I haven't posted for quite some time about this and that..... so here's a post just about that (with a few pictures to spice things up!)

WORK: We had to lay our courier off and so now I'm back to being the courier, word processor, etc. Right now the workload makes it ok for me to do a few different jobs, but there are times where it gets to be too much. At let me tell you, I'm very thankful for the people in my office that did the courier'ing for me last week during the snow! I love the snow, but haven't driven in it!! :)

CHRISTMAS: K and I just hung out at home for Christmas. We enjoyed a nice lazy day, made an awesome prime rib type roast, and just hung out. We didn't even put a tree up this year.....other than the one my dad drew for us on a box ;) By the time we thought about was like 12 days until Christmas and we thought why go through the hassle. We're thinking of getting a fake tree for next year.........that way we can put it up the beginning of November and keep it up until we feel like taking it down.

PUNTENEY CHRISTMAS: We're celebrating Christmas with the Punteney family this coming weekend. We'll take the train for a non-stress ride over the pass...... we are all looking forward to it!

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS/DIAPER DRIVE: We had quite a few people come by this year and look at the lights........doesn't seem not nearly as much as last year. The weather probably didn't help. We've gotten close to 500 diapers for our diaper drive. Not as much as I had hoped to get..... and don't really have any idea as to what I was expecting........but at least we got a few! Thank you to all the family members who donated! (We got 2 strangers, otherwise the rest was family!)

PREGNANCY: Yesterday I was 12 weeks. I was thinking at 4am this morning while laying in bed....that come the end of February I'll be half way!! That is just nuts. I'm still having days of nauseas-ness, but hope that will soon be on its way out. I'm on my way off of the progesterone shots too! YAHOO!! No more pains in the butt........I have 5 more shots then I'm done! (I'm sure the neighbor is rejoycing too!) We're going to go to our first La Leche League meeting on January 7th :) I suppose it is never to early to start learning all the info we can :)

Here's the pictures of cats, neices and newphews visiting for Christmas, etc.:


Skyrat said...

So glad that people at work picked up the courier duties during the snow. You definitely didn't need to be out driving in that stuff. The kiddies and kitties are cute.

Hope said...

All the Christmas stuff was on clearance at Target for 75% off today and there were still lots of trees left. I ended up getting mine for $17 a a couple of years ago at the evil empire. You tow have more income than I do (I think), you might be able to get one of the cool new pre-lit trees at a great price.

Ronnie said...

Oh, Raaaaan-diii...

Where are you? I'm all for blogging without obligation, but we miss your posts!