Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello Friends!

It has been awhile since I've updated....but nothing really to update on. Guess what? I'm tired tonight :) surprise, surprise....... I'll be lucky to make it to the 9 o'clock hour..... but that's cool with me :)

Works picked up quite a bit with the rates being low......lots of refi's. It's good business wise, but not so helpful being so short staffed.....we're all doing our best to make due! I'm now the courier part time and still doing my normal job. It works out most of the time.

I just finished eating a few sugar cookies we had in the freezer from the last huge batch of sugar cookies we made..........yum.

Pregnancy is moving right along. On Saturday I will be 10 weeks! CRAZY!! Only a few more weeks and I'll be past my first trimester....I have bouts of nausea that tend to send my body out of whack because they just happen and it is weird. This instance happened the other day at work from about 9-11.... I was grey, green, and our receptionist said "hang onto it Randi!" I felt pretty crappy, crying, and yucky. K had told me to go upstairs and lay on the couch......but all that would've done for me is to lay upstairs and think about pukeing. At least if I stayed in my seat I could at least try to focus on something else. I made it through. A lady at work also called her husband and he brought in the sea bands. I've wore them all day yesterday and all day today. I felt pretty good today.....only a few times where I felt really off kilter.

We have our work Christmas party this weekend........that should be fun. They are calling for some snow here........... so we'll see how interesting it makes it.

We see Winni the midwife the 18th for a physical and see if we can hear the heartbeat :)

that's it for now as I'm falling asleep trying to figure out what to write!!



Anonymous said...

Those Sea Bands really helped me with the morning sickness. It's awful, but it does eventually get better! Another thing that worked good was Ginger. Anything with ginger in it really helps. Ginger tea, ginger snaps, and Motherhood Maternity has ginger pops...they are these little suckers that have ginger in them...FABULOUS!!! Also - ginger ale works good too. :)

Skyrat said...

So glad to hear that things are moving right along for you. Won't be long and you will spend 3 months in the 2nd trimester! Hang in there gf, don't let the morning sickness get ya down!

blissfromGCM said...

Hi! I know you from GCM - "bliss". I was thinking of you this time of year because of your Christmas pics you've posted...I came here looking for you and saw your great news! Congratulations, girls, I am so thrilled you are expecting!
Merry Christmas and lots of wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy!
bliss (Erin)

The Schmitt Family said...

Wow 10 weeks! Yah!!! Say hi to Winni for me and let her know that Owen is doing awesome!