Thursday, December 04, 2008

Midwife Appointment

We are so blessed to be able to see a midwife! :) I've said this before, but am so thankful I could call Winni at anytime and know that I'll get a call back and/or even get to talk to her! I thanked her in person tonight for taking that phone call at 9:30pm at night......and comforting us in the midst of bleeding!

I thought more would go on in our appointment today, but it was more like a getting to ask her questions, getting to know her, and her getting to know us. It really was awesome! :)

Bummer news being is she has a 40 year reunion on the weekend July 12th. (she stated 5% give birth on their due date) Her husband has his 40 year reunion on July 25th....... we have a 5 week "period" 3 weeks before, to about 2 weeks after........ and of those weeks..... approx. 2 of them she would be gone. Sometimes that's how it is.......and we liked her enough to take the chance. She will have a backup midwife that we'll get to that'll be good. She already has an idea of someone for us!

We learned something about circumcision tonight......that it is elective and insurance does not cover it - it is like a facelift! WHAT THE HECK?! Everyone in Europe does not why do we!? other than to make the penis look better?? (some say for health reasons)..... nonetheless, K and I were quite mind has been made up...... but I'm pretty sure we're both leaning towards not doing it if it were a boy.......... :)

We will go back in 2 weeks to hear the heartbeat......and to do a bit of a physical...go over medical history etc. If we don't hear the heartbeat, we'll go back in 2 more weeks to hear a heartbeat.... we are very excited!

I cannot wait for the next 4 weeks to get over with.........get me onto my 2nd trimester!!!

That's it for now.............


Beachbum said...

Check out these articles:

Mothering Magazine is really, really cool. Someone got all of mine at the last LIFE conference!

So glad to hear all the good news on the meeting! Don't worry, the weeks will fly by. Also, she will be there for your birth...I just feel it.

Frank said...

What Ginger said! Please, don't even consider circumcision. Barbarism, sheer barbarism.

Anonymous said...

Ok - like everything else concerning babies - everyone has an opinion, so here's mine.
We chose to circumcize our boy. Of course it's a personal decision and I feel one that everyone has to make for themselves. With that said, a couple of friends I know ended up having big time issues (they were not circumcized) and ended up having to have it done when they were in high school. I can't even imagine that! Yikes. My doctor also told me about a 90 year old man that had to have it done because of hygiene issues. That's the part that scares me. I'd rather do it (if it's to be done) when the baby won't remember it as opposed to doing it when they are an adult. Our doc also said that yes, it is elective, but if you choose not to do it - make sure you keep it super clean and make sure you teach the kid to keep it super clean or they will run into problems later.
Ok - there's my two cents. (And watch - you'll have a girl and the whole thing won't even matter! :)

Hope said...

I had Michael circumcised and I regret it. I feel like the doctor did a bad job and it never looked "right" to me afterward. He swears it's fine now and doesn't want me to ask him anymore if it's okay!