Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Package Delivery Frusterations

The weather here has been a bit off..... lots of snow for an area that would maybe get a few inches. For that, I can understand the delay of a package or 2. The problem I'm having is more so with the company I ordered from....... and then having to wait even longer because of something I wasn't notified of.

Let me explain.........

We called our Cryobank back on December 6th and Kauleen ordered a long profile from our donor (gives more in depth information) and we were going to order it once we got pregnant. Weeks go by.... I call around December 12th......and they said "Are you a current client with us" Well, no....technically K is not a client...I am. So, now not only is the profile not on its way.......we have to get it ordered again. (All this time realize, we're a little leary because of the issues we had with the bank...... and our first conversation with them being this one)

I, Randi, order the profile back on the 12th of December... wait a few and ask how long it is supposed to take to get here...... and they say it goes 2 day Fed-Ex.

We receive a call this week from Fed-Ex....verifying our address and they had it as BELLINGHAM. So, not only has it taken well over 2 days...they shipped it to the WRONG CITY!!

AND ... FedEX hasn't been able to deliver, air and/or ground....... so I was hoping for a Christmas present of our donor profile.......and it is Christmas Eve with I don't know how long until we get it..............

I plan on posting info here when we do receive it.


Ronnie said...

Good things come to those who wait (and wait... and wait).

Happy Holidays from the Maiers!

Skyrat said...

Do hope you have received the profile by now. Has to be really frustrating to be waiting for such important information!