Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Grand Coulee Style

Thirteen Reasons You Should Go Horse Back Riding in Grand Coulee

1. A beautiful horse named Casino (and Wyatt for Kauleen)

2. A very kind lady named Kathy who chose awesome horses for those of us who haven't rode horses very much

3. The sun beating down on us and a beautiful and warm day!

4. The peacefulness of being out in the open.......with no stress (other than making sure we're hanging on)

5. The opportunity to see and hear a rattlesnack OFF the ground :) (and once again, holding on because one of the horses freaked out a bit after having heard the rattle!)

6. Seeing a coyote in an open field while on the trail

7. Learning a lot about the area around us and seeing an old farmhouse that was once used over 80 years ago........and was used up to about 5 years ago by the forest rangers. Very cool.

8. Losing a check my mom had signed out of my back pocket somewhere along the the end of the ride.......(it was an anniversary present from a few years back)

9. The opportunity to be able to ride again with this same lady on a bit of a longer ride...(we rode 5 miles) but I want to go up to the lake which is about 10 miles round trip!

10. The ability to realize that Kauleen is not flexiable and her hips do not stretch for that length of time. I was/am not that sore and am quite surprised.......

AND I just realized I needed 13......and not 10............ but here are a few pictures to add a few more:

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Skyrat said...

What fun! There is nothing like a horseback ride to relax and just enjoy nature.

Frank said...

Wow! I wanna go! Ya think they'd let me use my own saddle? My poor, old butt is kinda used to that one and loaners just ain't the same, ya know?