Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Reasons I Am Thankful for Kauleen

1. She is around me 24/7 - with no break (as I always seem to be here!)
2. She puts up with my ideas and thoughts (even at work)
3. She allows me to do whatever *I* feel I need to do
4. She helps me with my Christmas lights (and the most complicated part of them) although she's stated time and time again she doesn't want to
5. She enjoys driving by the Christmas lights with me after the hard work is done and smiling - for hardwork is amazing.
6. She has put up with my bouts of sickness (finally under control) and ate practically the same foods for over 1 month to try to figure them out.
7. She works hard for her money and has blessed me with a beautiful house, flowers, garden.
8. She allows me to stumble and yet helps me out when I fall (and/or fail)
9. She makes me laugh when she does dumb things (which isn't very often) but I do dumb things quite often.........that too is quite hilarious.
10. She worries about money......and does great at keeping track of all the bills (and is very particular about it)
11. She loves hanging out with me and doing hikes, vacations, and quality things together even after having spent every day together.
12. She amazes me with the energy she has to get stuff done (ie; house cleaning, dishes, yard work, laundry, etc.) and does an awesome job at keeping the house together
13. She will always be my best friend, beloved, and wife forever :) AND for that, I am very grateful.
14. She will be an awesome Mother and I can't wait to co-parent with her!

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