Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Post!

I'm tired tonight!!

Tomorrow night I'm having a Business of Being Born party (inviting a few ladies over from work and have invited some homebirth mama's to share their stories). I'm only one person, but hope to make people think about the way this society does birth.

I've been looking a drums on ebay for our drumming circle at LIG - here is one I have fell in love with:

I've also been thinking with what I want to do about all the birthdays at LIG. I really think there needs to be something.........just haven't quite pinned it down yet.

We made our first round of rhubarb cake tonight for tomorrow's party.

I'm going to go look up some fun places to stay in Oregon........as we're going on vacation - thanks to Franko's advice ;)

love you all!

P.S. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!


Frank said...

Did you read my friend Laureen's comments about BOBB? What's your opinion of the outcome in the movie?

CiaoBella! said...

Thank you, Randi! It was swell! And how about your new doings, huh?
Aunt Mary