Saturday, April 19, 2008

Waiting Around....

We tried all last summer to get a hold of the local electrician to come and hook up our awesome (tankless - very small) hot water heater. The guy that did our plumbing this past summer, charged us quite a bit less on the installation of the tank, if we'd give him feedback on how well it works.

Kauleen happened to see him at Safeway while we were here and talked to him. He whipped out his cell phone and called the electrician and she was to be out on Friday and/or Saturday. Well, unfortunately, cell service over here sucks (that and....we do not know how well this lady really wanted our business!) :( Anyways.......we were napping and woke up at 4pm, walked down the hill (left a note for this lady on the door) and we went back UP the hill at 4:45....and she had been there - with no phone call. Nice huh? Nonetheless, we were a little ticked - but she left a note saying she'd be back Saturday. Kauleen called her and she stated that she was at an important job and she'd call us back. of 11am on Saturday....we're all packed up, wanting to hit the road......and no call. We decided to lock up and call it quits. My cousin's husband Shaun had mentioned he could do it for us this summer (probably for cheaper anyways...) and we'd go with that. (I personally like the idea of an electrician doing that part....too scary to mess with!)

So, we're loading our last bits of crap into the truck.......and I hear the phone beep. DAMN! I missed a phone call - and low and behold - it was the damn electrician. Thankfully, at the time, we were outside and saw her drive by and waved her down. (We were at my parents loading up frozen goods, etc.)

So, now I'm hanging out and Kauleen and the electrician are hooking up or water heater........who knows how much it'll cost us.........but heck - we'll have our own showers - and an extra shower for my parents on Memorial Day too!

All in all, it wasn't a very eventful week - it was somewhat relaxing..........and I'm glad I got away from work for awhile. This week we have haircuts and I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday that I'm an anxious for (not baby stuff). I'll fill you all in on the results when and/or if I get them....(don't you just love doctors and having to state that?) *sigh*

We'll be headed home soon! Can't wait to love on the kitties and see our blooming tulips and I'm sure my yard is about 5 feet tall (we had fertilized a few weeks before we left!) and tomorrow we plan on hitting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival street fair! :) and Monday it is back to work!!

Check out this ranch....the lady that took us horseback riding her parents own this ranch. I think it'd be fun to get together with a bunch of people and do it! and it doesn't seem *that* expensive to me. Who is up for it????? (oh I suppose if I'm prego I better not go horse back riding huh?) LOL

We'll probably take Snoqualmie home.......I prefer the lower elevation.........and driving over the passes stresses me out enough.

Type soon!!

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