Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Talking...

We're getting ready for vacation!! :) We went to the library tonight and checked out a few books on CD to listen to for the 5 hour drive over and the 5 hour drive back in about a week :) it is always fun. Our library just teamed up with another local library to allow us more choices! VERY fun! I never really did go to the library except to study and/or do school related activities - but actually find it *fun* to go to the library for *free* now and choose anything I want! I'm not a big reader - but anyone know of some good books? (but then again, it is always hard stating that - when someone else might have a totally different view of a good book!) *hrumph!*

We spent some time with the nieces and nephew and meeting the MOM this past weekend. That was a good time. K's mom was exactly how I expected. She seems very nice. Her and Tony will be staying with us tomorrow night.

I haven't heard anything back from Bellingham IVF in regards to our attempt next month......I'll be calling them tomorrow to get more of the scoop and find out if we're going ahead with it. It has kind of been weird - they are the ones who brought this all on and then haven't been very good communicators. (AND - we have a month of appointments to do and there are SOME appointments we could get out of the way now!)

I am really, really looking forward to Life is Good. I'm really wanting Kauleen to get a registration so that she can partake if she wants to......(the concert, talent show, dance) but she just does not want to................. :o/ I'll still have fun and it'll be a blast. I love all you people :)

Work has been super busy.........we've had to re-arrange some stuff to try to make the most of our new incentive program - which makes us all working more-so as a team.......but I'm the one man end of the team of 6! So, I tend to get the bad end of it.......but I do what I can.

I have lots of pictures to post of kids, etc.....but am too tired tonight.

Love to you all!


Skyrat said...

Sounds like you and K have some great plans! One day soon, J and I will have to head out for at least an overnight stay somewhere...maybe after the burns stop hurting. Enjoy your vacation!

I would recommend some books, but I don't think you would like what I read. LOL

CiaoBella! said...

Have a great vacation!! I heard your voices on the phone today!
Love you lots!
Aunt Mary