Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I wanted to post last night, but I ended up getting my heating pad back from my cousin, turned it on in my chair, and was comfy, cozy warm, and OUT. :)

We picked Braxton (4) up at daycare on Friday night after work. (We watch him in exchange for haircuts) and then we took him to Lake Padden near Bellingham. We explored the playground, the water, threw lots of rocks, sticks, pine cones (which he called corns! LOL) and walked, ran, chatted, gave piggyback rides, and had a blast! We didn't get home until about 7:30, still had to eat dinner (BBQ hot dogs for the boy!) and wound about 9:15 he went to bed.

Here is where the fun begins......................

At 10:00ish, K and I decide to hit the sack. We get ready and about 10:30 I remember "CRAP, I forgot to put a diaper on Braxton!". (I had put him in his PJ's when we got home because he was playing in the water with some new toys here at the house and got soaked!) and just decided I'd put his diaper on later. now he's dead asleep and now we have to wake him. UGH. So, he was a trooper and didn't' seem to be bothered by it. We then went to back to bed.......
at 11:30 about Kauleen heard screaming......ends up when we changed his butt, the CAT had gone in there and we had locked the cat in there. So, we went and got the cat out. At 11:45 he was saying he was scared because he thought the cat was in there. So, I decided to sleep with him....... :) We woke again at 2am to massive coughing (poor guy has asthma and allergies :o( ) and we did a breathing treatment and we were up for the about 7am.

A VERY unrestful night. Nothing like having a kid scratch, kick, smack ya, and move all night :) Is that how it is for co-sleeping families??? Or do you get big enough beds / enough beds that you can have room to move???

I've been told by my cousin that you have nights like these sometimes - but very few and far between. I told her "Nothing like transitioning....but going from nothing to a 4 year old awake a lot of the night.......!" :) I did take a nap from 1:30-3:30 and felt much better.

Saturday we hung out and dug for worms, rode our bikes to the park, played basketball and took a drive where we were going to go see animals but then he fell asleep so we just took a nice drive with all the other *crazy* tulip traffic - and had to take all the back roads home.

Saturday afternoon we took naps and then we mowed the lawn and did yard work for awhile. We then went to dinner with the neighbors to a new Japanese "hibachi" type place where they cook the food in front of you. THAT was a ton of fun and really yummy.

It is now 8:00am on Sunday morning and I got an email about Life is Good (I get a daily digest!) and they said they are going to have a KAPLA funshop. I was *so* hoping for that. I enjoyed doing them so much. (those are the blocks that you build with). I wish I had some....... and someone asked for a Henna workshop. I want one too! I've been *so* wanting a kokapelli on my stomach.....or somewhere else :) ONE other funshop I've been thinking of......but don't know how it would The Business of Being Born funshop - discussion/chat on natural birthing, breastfeeding, etc.?

We got some special mocha coffee yesterday that is now done brewing........and I most go partake.



Skyrat said...

Sounds like you had a very busy, active weekend! That coffee sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Reading about your trials & tribs with Braxton, brought back so many memories of your Cuz, Devon as a toddler. He came in one night to tell me something wasn't right, and threw up on my head...yep, what a night that was! Aunt, Debbie~

Frank said...

When MJ and Chloe were young, we had nine feet of family bed. Nine feet wide and Chloe *still* managed to get sideways enought to push one of us off one way and the other off the other way while MJ somehow fared for herself.

It's kind of a joke but also embarrassingly true when I say that for a few years when they were young (at only 18 mos. apart) I was Microsoft's worst employee. Sleep deprivation is hell.

But the results are wonderful. MJ and Chloe stand in mute (sometimes) testimony that kids are worth it, whatever "it" is. They are GREAT!

Hope said...

I did co-sleeping as babies when nursing, but not when they got bigger. I couldn't take it. I HAD to have my sleep. It didn't help with Michael to have an unstable situation so I had to have some time to myself. I was on the edge of abusing him too often.

Deb said...

Lions, tigers and bears. And kitties, oh, my.

To eventful days worthy of writing about!

Love always, Deb