Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey Gang!

Kauleen and I have been enjoying some time with the parents. This past weekend we had Shaun and Jenae (my cousin) and their 2 little ones over to help with some electrical (ends up they didn't have enough electrical wire at the local hardware store for us to do it) so he graciously helped us to get a light in the bathroom working - so we could at least not have to pee in the dark! :) We enjoyed their visit greatly! Ryan and DeWayne came up and we enjoyed their visit also. Ryan is battling bronchitis so wasn't feeling the hottest. We celebrated Dad's b-day with a sketti party and had fun!

We spent the past few days finishing painting our place, helping dad price things for an upcoming garage sale, making a trip to the dump, trying to stay indoors and WARM - the wind has been quite gusty and cold, visiting with the grandparents and just hanging out. Tom and Mary will arrive tomorrow for a few days visit.......that'll be fun! We are planning to stay until Saturday but with the weather predicted.......we may leave late Friday.

We got a call from the doctors office today - IVF clinic - and the opportunity that was put before us - was not accepted by the other couple. They have another option for us that will be opened up today.... we should be hearing soon. As of now, we are still on for Invitro late next month - with a retrevial on Thursday May 22nd, with then a long drive to Vancouver from Bellingham with a drugged up Randi :) and then a insemination with embroys done on the following Tuesday! This will be perfect!! :) So, we're keeping our fingers crossed. As soon as I start my period (around April 26th) we're starting the shots, etc.

Everyone here is sleeping right now.......we just got back from a big breakfast. I'm checking up on my blogs and enjoying some peace and quiet.



Anonymous said...

So I take it you will not be going to Coulee for Memorial Weekend? That makes me very sad. I was looking forward to seeing you 2. We will need to make plans to have you over to our new house soon. I would really enjoy that. I love you guys and miss you. Cori.

Anonymous said...

I've missed you on your blog, I check it like email.=) Nice that you were able to get away for awhile. I'll get going on my positive vibes, prayers & meditation for you right now, towards upcoming events!!! Aunt, Debbie~

Randi said...

Aunt Debbie -

Thanks for the checking my blog faithfully! It makes me grin, ear to ear, knowing that someone is reading - and it encourages me to write more!! Send an email to Mom and Dad with your blog link would you?? I am making them a new blog!

CiaoBella! said...

Aunt Debbie,
Please send me your blog again, also, since I lost it! We are visiting with R & K today, too!
Aunt Mary