Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Top Ten Things I've Done That You (Probably) Haven't

Broke my wrist by getting it caught in a guys t-shirt in Jr. High (while running in P.E.).

Worked at a Special Needs camp (Camp Horizon) for 4 years - camp nickname = Giggles :) Lots of memories and stories!

Sat in a wheelchair that belonged to someone else while said party was using the bathroom - only to find out when she was done - that she hadn't made it to the bathroom on time. We had a good laugh and I learned my lesson!

Cracked a note in band class everyday for many months on a solo my teacher wanted me to play on the Baritone. I came in early to practice specifically with him, and practiced a lot at home. I always cracked it. On the day of the concert (and I remember it vividly) it was time to play the song and I just played it like no one in band had ever heard. The conductor jumped on his podium and was like YEAH! THAT'S IT!! :) I never cracked one was worth it.

Attended a very small Bible College in Augusta Montana (Montana Wildnerness School of the Bible) in 2001 - with 55 other students. The staff lives on campus and it is very family oriented. Forever life changing.

Hiked Mount Constitution at 2409 feet on Orcas Island. (Funny story....we were checking into a hotel and had planned on hiking and/or doing something the next day. K suggested going up the mountain (Driving) and I said "Let's hike it!" She was like.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" well, nonetheless, the next morning we got up - and hiked it! It was stinkin' cold at the top.......but here is a picture to prove it!

Hiked to a manned fire post in Mazama, Washington (Goat's Peak). It was 100 degrees in town but only 65 degrees at the top. We were blessed to meet Lightening Bill and Blaze!

Animated Christmas Light Display of over 4,000 lights dancing to music. A spectacular show (and going to be even better this year!)

Bought a special piece of property in Grand Coulee that contains a double wide mobile home attached to concrete foundations in 2 pieces right up the hill from my parents. (and yes, I think most property in Grand Coulee is special!) :)

Had a very special commitment ceremony on September 6, 2003 (as stated differently in another post and so sweetly corrected by my sweet wife!)


Deb said...

Always smiling at that Fire Post picture of you two.

One thing I may have done that you probably haven't...

Running out of band class in fifth grade, vomiting on the sidewalk, and then giving up on the clarinet! :D

Skyrat said...

You're right - there's alot of things, in fact, everything on your blog, I have not done. LOL

Frank said...

Cool! Wasn't that a fun one to do?

Queen said...

Something I have done that you probably have not.......rode the Octopus at the county fair, got off, and vomitted right on the shoes of my significant other.......before we ever started dating even.....

Randi said...

Queen - HA!! I probably came close to it on the Octupus.....that's a wild ride for me (the spinning does me in!) (Kauleen says that's how he knew you were a keeper!)

Frank - yep! It was a fun one....but I have to really make my brain think hard for these things to come up with!! (K and I probably spent over an hour trying to come up what we did!)

Deb - I love that you have that picture of us. It is about time for a new one? :) Love you so much dear friend!! XOXO!

Gina - you should do it on your blog...... :) tag, you're it.

Ronnie said...

I like this one a lot. It's so interesting reading about people's interesting experiences. :-)