Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Post

The baby stuff for this month has not worked out for this month. I started my period today and was very jazzed up about calling the clinic.......only to have them call me back and say the paperwork, etc. could not be done in time - and no one had chosen me yet. :(

As of this morning, I was saying that either way I'd be fine with it (because going on a relaxing vacation and not having to worry about my ovaries floating around and not going in a pool/hot tub) sounds like a lot of fun! BUT on the other hand, I'm ready for a child............

Anyone know of where we can get $12,000 in the next day or 2? If so, we'll be able to do IVF (and I'll make enough eggs to be able to do more than one cycle).

So, for now........we're waiting on someone to choose me and at that point - we'll do IVF for next to nothing........and help each couple out.

Everything happens for a reason - and I plan on having a very relaxing vacation and I will be going in the hot tub! ;o)


Ronnie said...

Hey, Randi! Hi!

THANK YOU!!! We got our surprise packages yesterday. They were SO fun. MJ and Chloe had a blast with them, and Chloe said having the boxes arrive was her happiest time of the day.


Randi said...

I'm so glad! I'd love to see pics of the fun, if there are any! :)

I had a blast making them!! :)

Ronnie said...

Did you see this?