Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hi Gang!

I haven't been the best at updating my blog - and I don't think I ever will be. May you be entertained at my few posts that I do write! :)

I'm getting very excited for the holiday season! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! I think I get more excited for the day after Thanksgiving (shopping) than I do eating of the turkey! K & I are not huge shoppers, but we like to go through the adds and pick up what we need giftage wise that day. Last year we got some pretty good deals! We'll be spending the Thanksgiving here at our house with family visits on Friday.

We started hanging some Christmas lights today! :) My cousin's husband (Shaun and Jenae) bless their hearts have been the biggest help to us - mechanically - to maybe get this show done right! :) Shaun helped to mount our radio station box (which turned out AWESOME!) and he came today and helped re-wire a special 30 amp plug for my Animated Lighting. I will be turning my lights on before the "turn on" party to make sure it all works - but I will be setting my alarm for the middle of the night so no one else see's it but Kauleen and I! :)

Works been OK latley. SLOW. With the market kind of dropping out (plus the winter being our slow months already.....) we could be achin' for some bacon by January. We'll see.

Since the word is out to most people in my family already........I thought I'd start posting about our "baby" tries :) heard it - baby tries. This way, maybe if I post about it - someone who is rich and famous will send us money and/or fresh sperm when needed :) I'll try to explain it all......but unless you're doing it and understand - it can be quite complicated.

We've tried inseminating with Randi (me) 2 times. Both times did not take. We decided after the last try that we'd try an "FSH" cycle - meaning a medicated cycle - making more eggs - more targets for the "boys" :) To make a long story short, it was a week of pure stress (getting time off of work every day) and having my sweet cousins (yep, same as above) make a special drug-rep hand-off for another drug to make me not ovulate (as we were pushing my bodies timing....). I made over 20 eggs. We didn't hope for a football team.......we had just hope for 1 and/or maybe 2. We'd take whatever we're supposed to have. :) So, I went through all of the testing, many an ultra-sound, lots of discussion between K & I and the doctors/nurses......and come Thursday when my eggs were not separating big from small - we decided to forego this cycle. Yep, we've paid for it. BUT, the doctor's office has stated our next cycle will be free (minus the medicine). They will put me on different medicine and watch me a bit more closely this time also. UNFORTUNATLY, I can't do it December (it's stressful as is with holiday etc.) but I have jury duty right smack dab in the middle of the cycle - AND - I've already been excused from doing 2 weeks - to just doing 1 week. So, we're forgoing until January. I'm really wanting a baby......we're ready. We've been together almost 5 years now.......:) and enjoyed our time - and have lots of love and space for another human being :) plus, my parents want grandbabies too. :)

I am enjoying my time alone tonight :) and hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving........



Deb said...

I've been thinking of you since November 5, wondering, and not wanting to be intrusive until you chose to say what was going on. My love to you and K. xo

Stump Home said...

Good luck!!! I had wondered when the baby trying would officially begin. You'll be GREAT parents.