Sunday, November 25, 2007

Completely and Utterly Exhausted

We worked our butts off this weekend getting the decorations put out in the yard, making "frames" etc. for some of our items to be placed upon (issues we did not anticipate having) and working long hours. It is Sunday at 9:30pm and I'm writing this then going to bed.

The show's still on for Sunday December 2nd :) We got a sample this weekend in our garage with the door shut and lights's pretty exciting.

If you can't make it that day - please do a drive by some other night. The times the show will be playing and directions on our my website:

I'll write more soon!


Deb said...

I'm thinking of you. Enjoy the company, laugh a lot and then rest! Importantly, have fun tonight and delight in all your efforts. XOXOXOX

Frank said...

It was a GREAT party and grand premiere of the lighting extravaganza. Thanks for having us!

Hope said...

I watched the videos. My goodness. What a lot of work. Very impressive.

Hope said...

Hey! It let me post again! Yahoo!
I made a new google blog and I've been having trouble posting on other blogs, but yours, where it wouldn't let me comment before now let me post trouble free.

MJ Awesomness said...

Hey Randi, I've been forced into a chain meme, so you get to be forced into it, too.

tag, you're it