Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mid-Week Update

I wish I felt that posting on my blog wasn't such a chore - but more - something I enjoyed doing and/or had into my daily routine - yes - routine. :)

I was blessed to have my parents here for sometime before turning on the Christmas lights. I enjoy their company. I enjoyed my mom's company 2 weekends in a row due to a death in the family. I got to enjoy my grandparents on the second trip. We'll see them again on New Years at Chalet de Grand Coulee. :)

Lots of people have been driving by to see the lights. Some friends have been telling me it is getting darker around 9:30pm in their parts of the world ;) as my lights aren't shining as brightly. I don't think I have *that* many lights - too much can be just that - so we tried to keep it "classy" but yet "fun". The music is the fun part.

I ended up not getting called for jury duty this month. No biggie. The holiday time is probably not the most relaxing time to try to get pregnant :) We will start again with the first sign of my period the end of this month - beginning of January. It's our last set of sperm......so we'll see what happens. Hopefully my eggs do not multiply like last time.

I've been contemplating a lot going to a conference in Vancouver with a few of my family members in attendance. :) It really is something out of my comfort zone to do.....but really am interested. Kauleen will not go with me........so.........we'll see. I guess I need to really think about why I want to go and the reasons for why I'm wanting to unschool/not public school (possibly homeschool).

My friend Gina is finally done with her chemo and is going this week to see a surgeon for surgery - then after healing of that - it will be 5 days a week of radiation. She's a trooper and a fighter. Sure do miss her spirits at work, but know in the end - taking care of oneself is way more important. Stay strong girl. :)

Anyone have a timeshare in Mexico they want to share and/or know of really "awesome" places to go? K and I have discussed going ..... and she is turning 40 this year (March) so we'll see if we can't manage to pull it off.

I'm sure I had more to write - but Kauleen is needing my help hanging Christmas cards. I'll leave with a video of my Christmas lights for this year....


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