Sunday, December 23, 2007

About Me!

About Me
Nickname(s):Randi-Roo, Scooby
Birthday:May 23, 1980
Birthplace:Sedro Woolley, WA
Current Location:Burlington, WA
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brownish Blonde
Weight:That's for me to know
Lefty or Righty:Righty
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
What do you drive:Toyota Camry
Number:Don't have one
Music Genre:Any?
TV Show:I love Survivor - but anything I can stay awake for!
Movie:(see above!) - the last movie I stayed awake for I think was Marching of the Penguins! LOL
Kind of Movie:Drama
Cartoon:Tom and Jerry
Fast Food Restaurant:Right now it is Taco Time
Food:I love my mom's pork roast and canned baby potatoes! mmmmmmm
Ice Cream:I love cold stone's Birthday Cake Remix - it doesn't like me! (lactose intolerant!)
Cereal:Optimum (I really live Cracklin' Oat Bran - but it has Palm Oil in it!)
Candy:Chocolate - anything chocolate (without Palm Oil!)
Drink:Pop - I love Pop! (but don't drink it so much nowadays)
Alcoholic Beverage:I will drink 1 mikes hard malt beverage :)
Quote:Bless your heart and every little part - including your belly button
Do You
Have Siblings:1 sister - Ryan
Have Any Pets:3 cats in age order (oldest to youngest) Kiki, Rosa, and Clover
Have a Job:Word Processor
Have a Cellphone:Yep only cause K wants me to have one (and we don't have long distance)
Have Any Special Talents or Skills:Is my Christmas Lights a talent? maybe a skill? I'm sure there are lots......
Have Any Fears:Yeah, but I don't want to state it :)
Have a Bedtime:I can turn into a crab when I'm tired - so I try to get to bed before 10! (unless I'm having fun - then I can stay up later!)
Sing in the Shower:Sometimes
Go to College:1 year of Bible College (Montana Wilderness School of the Bible)
Get Along With Your Parents:Yep!
Have Any Piercings:Nope!
Have Any Tattoos:Nope!
Do Drugs:Nope!
Ever Been in Love:Yes.....
Ever Cheated on a Boyfriend/Girlfriend:Nope!
Are You Single:Nope!
Are You in a Relationship:Yes!
Do You Have a Crush on Someone:Nope!
Ever Been Dumped:Yes!
Ever Dumped Someone:Yes!
This or That
Fruit or Vegetable:Vegetable
Black or White:White
Lights ON or Lights OFF:On
TV or Movie:TV
Car or Truck:Car
Cash or Check:Cash
Rock or Rap:Rap
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate
French Toast or French Fries:French Fries
Strawberries or Blueberries:Blueberries
Cookies or Muffins:Cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break:Spring Break
Hugs or Kisses:Hugs
Have You Ever
Danced in One Place:Yes!
Smiled For No Reason:Yes!
Laughed So Hard You Cried:Yes - Kauleen and I went to Orcas Island and we wanted to take a picture of ourselves. We set the camera up to do so and then she came over - well - we didn't know how to work it - and so we ended up taking a picture of me laughing hysterically while she got up to fix the camera it took it! (I guess you kinda needed to be there - but it was funny!)
Talked to Someone You Dont Know:Yep!
Smoked:Nope - never!
Drank Alcohol:Yes!
Done Drugs:Nope - Never!
Partied Till the Sun Came Up:Nope!
Gotten a Ticket:Nope!
Been Arrested:Nope!
Been Convicted of a Crime:Nope!
Been in a Wreck:Nope!
Been Out of the Country:Canada? LOL
Are You a Virgin:Nope!
Have You Had Phone Sex:Nope!
Ever TP'd Someone's House:Nope!
Ever Egged Someone's House:Nope!
How Many Languages do You Speak:1 - English and very little espanol
Who do You Compare Yourself to:No one?
Ever Regret Anything:Yes................
Do You Like Being Tickled:Sometimes
What are Your Goals:To have a job that I really enjoyed (computer-ish and/or helping people) and to have kids and raise them well

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