Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Screeching Halt!

My famous lighting display came to a halt tonight after I looked outside and saw the trees and the reindeer flash - but the front porch railing was not doing anything! I'm devestated. This is one thing I had said I did NOT want to happen this year (we had many a night last year where it didn't run due to wetness.....) THIS is purely our own fault (not realizing that each channel can run 10 amps - but the whole controller cannot exceed 30 amps) We were over by a bit - so some things that had originally flashed - will now be static and plugged in elsewhere. We can make nessicary changes for next year - and my sweet dear wife - is on her way to Fred Meyer right now to find us a few extra 15 AMP fuses (once we figure out exactly how they are to go into the dang box!) and of course, it is only 9:00pm here - but everywhere else - it is some unearthly hour where most are probably watching their eyelids as I sit here waiting..... just wanting someone to care and ANSWER my ignorant totally animated lighting challenged questions! (grrrrrrrr).

The show should be up and running again tomorrow night ..... with just a few changes made - and a HUGE lesson learned for next year.

(and Gina - this is now 3 posts in 2 days! *gasp* :)

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