Saturday, December 22, 2007

Enjoyable Day

Today Kauleen and I got up early (thanks to my read to go shopping mind-set) I wanted to get out and beat the rush. We were dressed, showered and out the door by 7:30am. We only had to make one stop - and it was a nice quick in and out - with not a lot of traffic and awesome. We came home, at some breakfast, and then went back to bed for 2 hours! We got up at 12:00pm and then made 1 stop at Jamba Juice and headed for Bothell to give K's nieces/nephew their presents! We stayed a few hours and then had to return home to turn the lights on. :) We're not hanging out in our sweats and comfy clothes - watching/counting cars. I was expecting a bigger turnout but then again - it has only been on for 45 mins. LOL I am at 5 cars. LOL

I had said I would share what happened yesterday. We normally have a Kids Christmas Party at work for employees kids. Our boss gets them gifts, talks to them in his office and they usually decorate the office Christmas tree. This year it just got to be too much going on and so they cancelled it. Some of the younger kids were looking forward to it - so the boss decided to just have those 2 kids come in on Friday. So, one of the ladies lives a bit further away so her daughter came in all day and did a few things around the office for people. After school was out, the other kid came in and as I was heading to the bathroom - I saw them come in. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw the boss leave. (I was like now that was a bit odd!) Well, ends up, the boss forgot and didn't have gifts or anything. One of the kids was devestated.
The mom was very upset also - which she had all right to be. It was just a horrible happening especially this time of year. :( The kids were 9 and 11 I think? The 9 y/o was very upset. I sat at my desk and cried for him. I know that the boss did go get gifts and the older girl was still there - so she got her gift and got to talk to the boss - but still - the younger one went home as he was very upset. :( Just makes one feel awful. (and you feel bad for the parents that now have to try to explain it to the kids!)

We have a short work day on Monday with only half staff - so it shall be interesting and fun! We'll get New Years Eve off in exchange for Christmas Eve. We're staying put and just going to enjoy each other.

That's it for now.

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Skyrat said...

What an awful thing to happen to those poor kids. Get their expectations and excitement built up, only to be dashed in such a manner!