Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10 weird / random facts/ habits/ goals about yourself

  1. I do not like lotion. (This has come out latley because in the winter it seems my sides itch. Yes, only my sides. It's really weird and I wake up at night with them itching - but HATE the sticky-ness of lotion!) Well, it came down to it this morning and I put it on. I have to wear a mostiureizer on my face too - hate that - but have to do that every morning and use the bare minimum. (weird, yes......)
  2. I'm allergic to palm oil (badly......as in.......where's the bathroom - NOW!) and am lactose intolerant (lactaid helps this.......but then.......other complications come later with that too) and it is in a lot of things people wouldn't think. (lots of cakes, chocolates (chocolate chips!!), crisco, etc.)
  3. (RE: to the above) I hate putting people out when asking what ingredients are in things - it makes me feel so bad. I hate it - but I can't help it. THE thing that makes me the happiest is when someone else suggests it and says "Randi, do we need to check the ingredients for you!" Like someone actually CARES about ME and the ingredients. (silly I know!)
  4. I do not like drinking (alcohol) and/or being around it much.
  5. I like to play BINGO every so often (6 months or so) and hope to go to Seattle this year and play GAY BINGO with the family..........you get dressed up in costumes, etc.
  6. I can and/or have played: Piano, trumpet, baritone, and guitar. :)
  7. Armpits are the #1 disgusting part of the body and DO NOT touch mine - period. I don't even touch them.............and we'll not go there. LOL
  8. Someday I hope to have a homebirth and/or in a birthing center.........
  9. I wish I was more self reliant and more outgoing. I am once I feel comfortable.....but until then I can be so shy.......
  10. It took all my brain power to think of the above 9.......there are quite a bit more that I would've shared had I felt more comfortable enough too...... :)

I'm not tagging anyone - just feel free to add your 10 weird/random facts/habits/goals about yourself if you so wish :)

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Frank said...

Ha! MJ got me, too. I responded on my myspace blog. Like you, I didn't tag anyone else.

Come to the conference with us, even if you hafta come alone. Maybe we can talk K. into it by then?