Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Day of Rest...

What a relaxing day we had today. My stomache has been out of sorts a lot latley (probably from all of the crap and/or lactaid I've been taking to be able to eat milk!) We're going on a strict diet starting tomorrow - of only good foods. My sensitive stomache just cannot handle it - nor can I!

We did our Christmas Cards, got them in the mail, and then ran to a few places to try and find a few Christmas presents - one of which we undecided as to if we'll even find/buy it. Then back home for a late afternoon nap! I don't take naps all that often - usually take that time when Kauleen is napping to play online :) but took one today and it was much needed. I felt 100% more refreshed after the nap than I had all day!

So, I emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, made K some coffee and now she's out with a friend and I'm playing online. I'll be folding the clothes here shortly.

We're doing a Car Count tonight. Last night we're betting we had about 30 cars watching throughout the night. I am going to upgrade my site next year to have a counter. I also got an email from a sweet lady - here's what she said:

I just wanted to say thank you for your light show. We drove down from Bellingham, myself, 2 kids, mom and sister. We sat out front and listened to it all and LOVED IT!!!! Thank you so much for making memories for us. I would just like to suggest that you should maybe put out a donation basket for food and or toys for all the visitors you get. We will be back again in a few days!!! Thanks again.

THAT makes it worth it :) She heard about us from KOMO Pool's Parade of Lights! That was the least likely place I thought someone would drive by from! BUT awesome! :)

I've got to do a few things online now - so tomorrow is Monday and back to work after a 3 day weekend! I am the courier tomorrow - so should be a quick/fast Monday.


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Skyrat said...

Hey girlfriend - good to see you are posting more often to your blog. I always look forward to seeing what you and Kauleen are up to! We do intend to drive by and see your light show one of these nights.