Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tough Weekend

It has been a tough weekend! Just lots of un-handled stress and lots of thinking/trying to figure things out. I guess in the end - it may make for a strong relationship - but is tough.

Our lights have been causing us more trouble - with the wetness. We went out and bought electrical tape and spent hours outside today with towels, scissors and a roll of it - drying off each plug in and taping off every connection. Of course tonight is not raining. I've asked 2 people whom have done this for a few years past more than I have how they do the Washington weather and keep their display going. They both have "High Voltage" signs and "Stay Away" and do not have their displays on GFI's. If the show doesn't run another night - we too - will go that route. We don't want to have to - but its ridiculous when you can't turn the lights on! (especially when I have people expecting to see it!)

I've been asked time and time again this weekend "Why is it that you want to go to this Unschooling Conference!"? I love the idea of unschooling (if not that - at least homeschooling) and also the more natural way of parenting. I was told a lot this weekend that it IS the way we will parent :) and is more common sense parenting then most would have :) ... I am excited and now am trying to figure out if I want K there - or if we should just go our separate ways that weekend (she has said she'd come for the ride and to camp out at the hotel - but not for the conference). We'll see what happens as time gets closer......I guess I need to reserve a room ...

We have a cookie exchange at work on Monday so we spent last night making Almond Roca (yummy!) and today making pretzel sticks dipped in various types of yummy stuff! We were supposed to watch after a little boy tonight but that got cancelled at last minute. So, we're enjoying some peace and down time. Tomorrow we will do our Christmas cards....... (I dread it.....and maybe next year won't do it!)

This blog isn't that private.........maybe it's time for me to make one - so that I can spill what needs to be spilled ....... but in a more private sense...and invite those whom I'd feel comfortable reading it - and not have my "blog" posted on other blogs for others to get to......hmmmmmmmmm..... (I don't mind that - just well......... you'll understand someday when I can CHAT with all of you!) :)

OK.......I'm done writing for now........Maybe I'll find something else interesting to say before the nights over......


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