Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Song

I enjoy being able to do some of the courier'ing as I get to listen to the radio way more than I ever would and/or do. A lot of the time noise drives me crazy - and it is usually the first thing I turn off when getting in the car - unless I'm in the mood. When doing the courier job, that's all I do all day - is drive around - so having the music is enjoyable.

I heard this song and wanted to share it with you! It is kind of sad - but awesome at the same time :) makes one realize a lot :)

At work we've had so much sugar and we had our cookie exchange - so at home we've had so much sugar - I'm running on SUGAR OVERLOAD! We're trying to really eat well for breakfast and lunches - because in the afternoons and evenings is when the sugar enters the bloodstream at a rapid rate! LOL

We went and visited my cousin and her children tonight - they are so adorable! She has a to-be-3 y.o in February and a 1 year old. They are just FUN! I'm ready for kids, really ready. We'll start trying again as soon as my period comes......which shall probably be my Christmas Present!! :) Then we'll try again.........

We have a busy week ahead and hopefully a bit more of a relaxing weekend....just lots to do and/or get togethers.

I have a few other things I want to do tonight - so signing off for now.

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Skyrat said...

What a tear jerker! Enjoyed the song in spite of it. So glad to see that you are updating your blog more often. Ain't daily living grand?