Monday, September 03, 2007

All Messed Up!

I have my days all messed up with the 3 day holiday weekend. I tried naming the post what day it was - typed and had to re-type more than 2 times! :) I finally figured out it is Monday. :)

We went to Coulee for the weekend and spent time with the family. It was very enjoyable. We headed out early Saturday morning (makes it wayyyyy less stressful than at night - with deer and all) and the sun was shining and it was a beautiful drive. The trees are just barely starting to turn colors......I LOVE FALL! (but I wish we would've had more summer!!)

We did a bit more painting....and still have probably one more day of paint to go. Sometimes it just so hard to see the end! (This will be 2 coats on the whole thing......then onto the trim!).

We're working on getting hooked up our tankless water heater, 2 wall heaters and 2 outdoor lights. We just need to get the electrical hooked up/re-done. Getting anyone to do anything in a small town, can be a very gigantic task. We're working on it though......after this - we'll have the roof re-done before even trying to start the inside.

I did get my haircut for those who were curious :) It isn't what I was thinking of..... is shorter - but if you saw me in a picture - you'd just see it as shorter. The back has a bit if a different style - but I can't see the back!! :) So, I'm going to grow it back out......thankfully it grows back :o)

We've been eating our corn quite regularly. :) We took 8 ears to Coulee. It is downright yummmy!! We planted about 70 we have quite a bit left. We have lots of cucumbers still, onions, strawberries (we have ever-bearing...meaning they grow all summer) and even some carrots left I think. YUM! It was been way fun reaping/sowing the benefits of OUR OWN garden!

I'll get a picture taken of the new-do - maybe tomorrow and get it posted on here.

Take care!

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Stump Home said...

We've been eating our corn quite regularly. :) ....

This line made me smile. :-) I want to see a picture of your do. Ask K to take a picture of the back of your head and then post it. :-p Have a great week Randi.