Saturday, September 08, 2007


rosa sleep
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Here's the hellion taking a bit of a 'CAT NAP" :)

She's been keeping us on our toes latley. I worked late the other night (our anniversary! ;o) and Kauleen came home and was going to surprise me with an Apple Pie and she ended up calling me at work because my cat was crying and had been trying to poo and couldn't! (You know, animals NEVER are sick during vet normal hours - ever!) So we called the vet, watched her the rest of the night and she was fine.

Well, today we were going to head out for a bit.....and she was sleeping in her CAT BOX! What in the world?! Cat's sometimes sleep in their box when they are frightened (like at stores, etc.) but CATS do NOT sleep in their box.

So, we locked her up all day (with 3 other cats - you never know whose done what of the bathroom duties) and made sure she pee'd and poo'd before we let her out. Sure enough, she did both........and seems to be fine.

THIS is a cat that just a few months ago was 8lbs - wouldn't eat the food - and was very boney. Well, we took her in to get checked and everything was fine. SHE had lost all this weight from being picky and not wanting the food she's ALWAYS ate. *sheesh* So, we're now buying her expensive food - she's eating it - she's now 11lbs - and thankfully none of the other cats will eat it - so we don't go broke on feeding the stinkin' picky cat. LOL

Have I told you I love her to pieces???? who couldn't!

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