Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hi Friends!

I haven't had any ambition to post anything! I've thought about it several times, but just haven't done it!

What a beautiful day we had yesterday huh? (if you don't live in NW Washington......well, it was a sunny, non-windy, beautiful day!) I mowed the yard and then we setup Halloween decorations. We don't do a *a lot* in ways of decorating for Halloween.......I have to save my energy for Christmas :)

Speaking of which, we have all these letters done:

E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S :) one more "M" is cut out and one more "S" is cut out! We have 6 more to do (whole letters) and we're done. I AM NEVER DOING ANOTHER LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These letters will span pretty much my whole garage door.........over 18 feet in length when finished.

I got my sign made for my Radio Station 101.9fm. :) it looks awesome. My grandpa is making me a frame to put it into. I'll post a picture of the station sign sometime maybe later today.

Work has been kind of crazy and a bit un-settling to a few. We've laid off 3 people and one person has voluntarily taken some paid time off for the slow months. (We hate to lose her........but its best for her family right now). So, we are really just trying to get day and a time. (the lay offs affect me but not my department, thankfully - yet!)

We have been told we can't have a Christmas Party. (Last year we rented a room at the Skagit Casino and it ROCKED!) This year we're told we can't do anything of that sort (we can still use some money to buy food) but can't rent any place? Anyone know of a place that'd hold about 50 people for cheap/free?

We headed to Coulee a few weekends ago to meet an electrician that never made it. (long story) It was obviously meant to be. Since that day, we discussed with a guy that lives near my parents and he kind of gave us the run down of what we need to do........and we were a bit ahead of ourselves. :) You know how it is when you have a product that is never finished - you just want it done??? It won't be done for awhile..........years.

Kauleen is taking an electrical class at Whatcom Community College to learn a bit more about electrical and our Christmas Lights. It is 3 Thursdays from like 6:30-9pm. I'm going to take a class on Photoshop and it starts on Saturday and runs from like 9-1pm. I am excited!

Anyone here good with graphics/photos? OR know anyone that can help me make a cool website/logo/banner for my Christmas webpage??? If so, let me know!!

Wifey just got up so am going to go have some coffee...............

I'll post again soon!!

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Stump Home said...

Yey for another wonderful entry. Thanks for the updates! It sounds as if you're busy and happy. :-)