Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekends are TOO short!

I've had a very fun weekend (and work last week wasn't too bad either!) :)

We have something that is called "Education Day" and it is a trade show held every year. They have a theme for it and then each business (banks, inspectors, etc.) put on a booth. I can't remember for the life of me what the theme was last year but Chicago Title did The Wizard of Oz (I may have some pics on the blog a ways back...) and we won first place. It was a blast.

This year, we didn't have a marketer but had a few guys jump in about a month before it - that we're helping us out. Well, they ended up being laid off like a week before........... oh joy. SO, I took control and here's what we did:

The theme was "Everday Heroes". We had contemplated lots of heroes - super heroes, police man, fire men, etc. Kauleen had the greatest idea. :) Get a classroom of kids to draw a picture of their everday heroes and we'll display them. THEN it went on more to be donating blood and having the blood bank come. Well........we didn't get the blood bank - BUT we did get the kids. They were *adorable*. They were from a 2nd grade class and from a 5th grade class. (Some of the heroes were: George W. Bush *lol*, my aunt, my dog, yoda.. :) They were really funny some of them.

I couldn't believe it! I was there to help "setup" and one of the other ladies that was at the trade show when they announced it called me and let me know! So, we get another free booth next year...........
No one was laid off this week :) that's always a more secure feeling. We've been having to cut a lot of people.......just because our numbers aren't where they should be. (It's coming down from the big wigs!). It's always a bit unsettling........I feel I am pretty secure :)
Kauleen's been taking a class called "Electricity for the Homeowner" at a local community college. She's learning lots! She has one more class to go.
I took a class at the same college on Saturday from 9-1 - Photoshop Elements. I am very excited to get my hands on a copy of it to play with!! :)
We decorated last weekend for Halloween - that was fun. We got a few bales of hay from a friend from work, and put up some "caution tape" with orange C9's and black C9's around the window. We'll put up the blow up spider, screaming door mat, scary music, and our headstones with hands out the night before :) It's fun being a kid!
Yesterday after my class we spent the afternoon with K's nieces (4 y.o, 2 y.o, and 7 month old twins!) It was a blast! We went to a local pumpkin patch! They got to play in a jumpy house (but it was filled with balloons swirling all around) and ride on a train/tractor, one got their face painted, the other visited the petting zoo. I got a few pics that I can possibly post.....but waiting for my copy of elements as their will be some lighting issues. :)
Today I plan on hanging out in my sweats all day and enjoying it! I have a few magazines to read, a few letters to finish..... (BTW, I am looking for red 50 mini christmas lights (I'd take 150!) but they need to be outdoor. PLEASE PLEASE, if you find them for a reasonable price (we're talking 2 dollars) let me know!
My grandpa made me a box for my radio sign.......that I still need to post pics of, looks great! I can't wait to paint it. At this point I'm just waiting for Halloween to get over so that I can put up my Christmas stuff. The first "sunny" day of November we're putting it up.
For those who want to come - I'm having a "TURN ON" party on December 2nd at 5:00pm! We'll be having some soup/bread and then hitting the lights! :) I cannot wait! (my mom and dad are coming for it!)
I think that's it for now...........
someone who reads here is having a Birthday soon.......... *smile*

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