Saturday, August 02, 2008

Long Time No Type!

This week went by with such a blur..... I couldn't even begin to tell you what happened! We had something planned for every night of the week and those types of weeks can be exhausting!

We started Weight Watchers on Monday. We've tried it many times before and haven't stuck to it...... but this time we both joined, attended a meeting, and we have the mind set that we can stick to it! We've done great so far and our first weigh-in is Monday! :) (It truly helps to have someone to be accountable to!)

We had a pizza party for a lady in our office that was leaving at our house. We had people bring pizza toppings and then we bought Boboli's! It really turned out to be a great time! We'll miss this person in our office greatly..... but hopes she has less stress and enjoys this new job lots! :)

Last night I went for another massage.... my neck has been bothering me quite a bit and I had a headache all we coughed up the money. UGH. I love it, but hate spending the money on extra things like this. I do feel a bit sore today, with tweaks here and there...... we'll see. It may be more underlying....and I may try to find a yoga class or something to help strengthen.

This morning we got up and ran some errands - Farmers Market for BLUEBERRIES ;o) and some fresh green beans since ours will not be on for probably another 2-4 weeks......then I'll have them coming out of every crevice in my body! LOL and then we returned some books to the library (only to come home and find that we had left one CD in the CD PLAYER!!) so now we have to make another trip to return it..... and then to Kohl's to find some comfy tennis shoes for Randi's Big Feet......(this has been an on going saga....) but we did find some that are comfy! and then to get some shampoo and conditioner at JC Penny and back home for a yummy turkey sandwich, cucumbers, and some sun chips :) K's laying down for a nap....... and I'm typing!

Tonight we watch Braxton for our every 6 weekish night watch! We're going to take some hot dogs, blueberries and watermelon and head for the beach! He really enjoys playing in the water, in the sand, and just hanging out. So we'll go do that and BBQ there. The sun isn't really shining here yet....... so hopefully soon!! K's sister and kids may join us - which would be fun!

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Deb said...

I think we determined years ago that we're close to the same shoe size, so no fair saying "big feet." At almost six-feet tall, my mother once reminded I'd look a bit funny to fit a Size 8. ...a good gust of wind might topple me over were I not so grounded. xo