Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Powers

Your baby powers were so strong the last time I asked for them......... I thought I'd ask for some extra special power again.

We'd been told in the past that medicines could be donated back to the clinic after an IVF (if the people did not use all the medicines). K and I were a bit uneasy at asking.....(don't know why....just were) but today I got the guts up to call and ask.....the worst they could tell us is NO.

Well........ ends up they don't have any "stored" right now from past patients but have a possibly egg donor that fell through that has all the medicines (that the provides to the donor) that she never used. They have placed a call into her......

Could you all send massive strength/powers to this lady that she's stored the medicine at all the right temperatures and that she'd want to let another couple use it?

We're talking savings of $2,700! OR even if this person doesn't return their call, that somehow some of the medicines could be provided......even if 1 or 2 of them. Anything helps. We have all the funds without the help......but it would be nice to not have to take *every* ounce to do it.

Thanks friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Skyrat said...

More positive thoughts headed your way! The more you can get is that much more you will save for the necessities during pregnancy and after!

Beachbum said...

Here you go!

Deb said...

Goes without asking; always!

Love, Deb

O'Neil Family said...

Hi Randi & Kauleen,
We don't know each other, but I've come across your blog a time or two from Megan King's blog. I wanted to let you know, I saw a listing on craigslist for some IVF drugs. It looks like a cancelled IVF has left some unused meds. I don't know the validity of the posting or the meds, or if its even what you are looking for, but I thought it might be something worth looking into. If you are interested, let me know and I can forward the contact information that I found. Either way, good luck and take care.
-O'Neil Fam