Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Night Going-On's

Thanks for sticking around and reading my blog even thought it hasn't been updated and/or eventful for quite sometime. I've been only spending a limited amount of time online and with that - the time I've been online has been spent reading *your* blogs. :) Here's an update on what's happening:

Right now, it is pouring down rain outside. It is AUGUST!! Where is the sun?! (It actually is refreshing in a way......but it won't be so ... come September when we won't see sun for months!!)

Our garden is flourishing! We have tiny beans finally growing......we packed our beans really tight this year and so I began to wonder if we'd get any...when they are ready - we'll be having beans every night! YUM!! We picked our first cucumber last night......with quite a few others getting big!! We've picked a few carrots. Onions are doing fine. Tomatoes are wanting some heat but are a little orangish/green! My artichoke is being eaten by aphids and I'm not so sure what to do......I sprayed it last weekend with soapy water......and found any lady bugs I could to put on it. LOL It really is fun. We're done with the raspberries....still buying blueberries to eat fresh......oh my gosh their so good........ and now we're waiting on corn on the cob!! We've bought a few ears here and there..........YUM! (I don't know if our corn is going to make it this year......we're just beginning to see the tassles!)

K's laying in bed reading right now...... she has the next 2 days off to do whatever she damn well pleases - without me!! :) We hate being away from each other, but on the other hand.....its kind of fun :) Then anything that happens at work is EXCITING.......not just the same ole' crap of every day, ya know?

Work has been s-l-o-w. They warned us. It isn't going to pick up anytime soon. I'm scanning maps into the computer, which will help everyone in the long run........just isn't the most fun job - but hey - I have one - and for that I'll clean toilets. :)

Baby going-on's....... I'm still waiting in anticipation for that call from Bellingham IVF to tell me what the next step is...... I was thinking the other day - this could be my last period for awhile! YAHOOO!! :) I actually think I'll have 1 or 2 more......before the IVF (but I'd have to figure all that out with them). It's crazy that it is coming so soon........we're almost into September....... and by the beginning of October I'll be on medicine!! :)

Would you send your energy to Bellingham IVF to give me that courtesy call?

I'm anxiously waiting........

We spent last weekend in the Tri-Cities with Ryan and DeWayne helping them with their garage sale and had a very enjoyable weekend. It got warm Saturday, but the morning was actually pretty reasonable. We saw one sign that said 109 degrees. HOT. It was just a quick trip there, quick trip back. We hadn't seen their house yet either.......and it was SUPER cute. Old! Tiled bathroom (blue/yellow), orangeish/redish counter tops, rounded doorways.......SUPER CUTE. Wish they didn't live in the armpit of the state....... :)

Weight Watchers is going just dandy....... I gained .4lbs this past week - K lost .4 It isn't coming off as fast as I had hoped......but then again I'm not trying to exercise and/or do much to make it come off faster...... *shrug* My pants are getting bigger........that's a good sign.

That's it for now.....

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Skyrat said...

Positive thoughts headed your way that you get that call you are waiting for!

Fresh from the garden veggies can't be beat! What kind of beans?

I do imagine a couple of days off will be thoroughly enjoyed by K. Everybody needs some time to just be. Soon - your turn will come. :-)