Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Too Tired - Not So Thirteen

I had a biopsy done on Wednesday of my paratoid gland - did not sleep very well (sitting up) last night and plan on sleeping laying DOWN tonight! I should get the results tomorrow or Monday.....

As my wife posted (and her first post, thank you very much!) that Bellingham IVF had called me before 9am this morning! That energy was strong! (I guess I need all that energy to get save it up for me!) We're starting me on birth control pills now (was supposed to be tonight but us ding dongs ran too many errands and totally forgot it!) So we'll start it tomorrow night..... we have a few questions of some stuff......(why were taking some meds, if they could give us some free samples rather than paying, etc.) K will call and chat with them tomorrow........ but we're on for October 17th!! YAHOO!!

I have lots of reading and research to do between now and then...... I want to understand every aspect of what we're doing and why it is being done........(it is VERY confusing)

I should be getting my calandar of things to do in the mail tomorrow of Saturday......for the month before....I'll try to upload onto here so you all can be entertained too ;)

Off to bed......


Skyrat said...

You don't have to wait long to get the result of the biopsy do you? May it all turn out well!

A date! Treatment! Moving right along towards the end goal of a squawling little bundle of cute!

Cori's Stories said...

Yeah!!! Your going to be mommies!!!! Love you, love cori.