Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Positive Things in Life
1. I have an magnificent wife who loves me, provides for me, cuddles me, and allows me TO be.

2. I have a beautiful house, with an amazing garden that is growing lush and will soon be fruitful and provide us lots of yummy veggies. (Along with this, a wife that loves to garden and piddle in the yard)

3. I have a job despite all of the layoffs/closures.

4. I have 2 wonderful parents that have supported me, loved me, and done the best for me.

5. I have 2 kitties that snuggle with me, play with me, and let me be entertained by them!

6. I have 2 cars which both work, and run great.

7. We have money in savings.

8. I have so many friends/family members that love and care for us.....and leave awesome comments on our blog that encourage us!

9. I've met and learned from so many unschoolers - and love and am very encouraged by each individual.

10. I've tentatively made an appointment for October 17th for egg retrieval.....almost 2 months away.......that's nuts.

11. For the beautiful sun and the long nights. For the fun walks and the hikes and just the beauty of the world.

12. For knitting and the peace it brings to me.

13. For massage......and for K's elbows digging into my back interim between massages :)

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