Monday, August 11, 2008

-3.4 Pounds

I lost a total of 3.4lbs in 2 weeks. K's lost 4.4lbs! :)

I'm exhausted tonight..... K's grandma if all goes as planned should be out of the hospital tomorrow night - we had a long night at the hospital visiting........ and I'm ready to hit the sack!



Deb said...

I'm catching up on reading, and am now laughing that your computer may be related to me (and/or to my computer): old and crabby.

Lots of thoughts coming your way, north, for K's gram. Lots.

Lovely photos from the hike, as always.

With love from my house to you and yours,


Debbie~ said...

Congrats!!! (I see you haven't tossed out the scales...:) You both are doing GREAT!!!