Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturdays Activities

I woke this morning with a headache.....and chalked it up to being too much chocolate ice cream (sugar) the night before..... 1 cup = 7 points = well worth the 7 points :)

We had some coffee, had plans to go garage sale'ing but it was raining out....
had plans to go to our little community picnic..... K suggested I don't take lactaid to go with my little egg scramble I had (some .35 oz of cheese in it) and needed to stay near a bathroom :) so didn't go to that...... we had thought about going to a Geocaching seminar/class thingy at the local library.....didn't get showered until well after 9:00 (and it was at 10:00am) and just were NOT getting anywhere.

We ended up....going to visit K's grandma in the hospital. :o( She got transported via ambulance last night because of bleeding (which they do not know the cause of) and at 95 they are unsure of really what they want to do. (In the past, when she's been put out for a surgery, she's had a slight heart attack) so although a colonoscopy would be the route to go........(and at this point sounds as if it may be the route) there is quite a risk........

The hard part for K and I to that we took her 3 baskets of raspberries last Tuesday (some to share with other family that was visiting at the time) and a few for herself.) She ended up eating 2.5 boxes of raspberries.....which we're thinking could be some of the cause of the issue she is having.............................. :o/ We'll see what they find out.....until then she's getting a few unrestful nights in the hospital......and lots of visiting from us! :) She feels fine, no pain, just bleeding........

After visiting Gma we came home and made the best tasting PB & J Sandwiches with CHIPS! Peanut butter is *a lot* of points - 5 for 2 tbsp, but we ate them anyway! MMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM!! We then headed to the library....where I was hoping to find an encouraging walking tape/CD, but no luck....I didn't check any books out because I already have 3 I've started here at home that I need to finish......(Although Zenmomma and Qacei have me intrigued with Twilight) :)

The sun was then shining so we headed to the local county (small) fair. It was fun! We saw a pig with her 11 (she had 14) PIGLETS. We watched them for probably 10 minutes!! We saw all the exhibits, got very windy and started to rain and then we headed out!

We came home and then visited with our neighbor (Hi Karen!) and now K's in bed reading and I'm about to hit it too.

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