Monday, August 04, 2008

What Sucks

When you work hard for 7 days to try to only eat the "points" you are supposed to eat (22 for me - 20 for K) and get a bit nervous/hyped about going in to see what you're going to weigh in at........ and only have lost a measly .4.

OH...and did I mention this was our first week? HOW ENCOURAGING! NOT!
What's hardest is changing my attitude about it isn't about me necessarily losing weight, but about me getting in better health to carry babies.....although WEIGHT LOSS is all I want to see........and health will come with that.

I EVEN exercised 4x this week.......and still a measly .4 lost.



Rory & Angie Bolter said...

Randi you don't need to lose any weight!!! Your body is telling you, I want to keep this weight!!!! You looked awesome when I saw you last!!! (:


Kauleen said...

I love my wife - always and forever. 246 dear.

Cori's Stories said...

So, first of all, your silly. I know you are preping you body for lots and lots of babies, and that is a good reason to eat right. But you dont need to be a size 2, it is about the good natural foods. Second of all, getting up off your but is awesome!! Good for you girls. Not only have you had to work hard to get the money for your soon to be family, but now you are working hard to make their temp home(aka your tummy) even more wonderful!! Your already good moms.

What kind of workingout are you doing, weight lifting, cardio, or both? Depending on how many babies you have, if you have a vag birth you will need strong abs, legs and arms.

Always thinking of you guys, love you, love me!!

Debbie~ said...

Throw your scales away!!! They are least if they're causing you this grief...Don't even look at the weigh in~ Let the person write it down for ya and walk away...:)Easier said than done, I know, but if I could count the number of times the scale killed a diet for me....
evil I say...toss it~

Your sweet comment(to Randi) made me teary...not sure why I'm all emotional,(maybe just to see the love)so sweet~

keep on keeping on~ love ya
Auntie Debbie~

Justyne said...

Have you ever thought about measuring? It may be that you are losing inches!

Think about it!