Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Life!

We drove through our neighborhood last night and saw a HUGE garage sale that was opening today. We checked the paper and it was opening at 7am (pretty early...) we woke up to pee at 6am, went back to sleep, and woke up after 8am - what did we do? Immediately put on appropriate clothes, started the coffee, and out the door we went. Upon our return (and $200) later we returned with:

$50 chest freezer for our berries, green beans, corn, and other frozen goods we can stock up on

$25 - 1 opened box - 2 unopened boxes of "3" lit snowflakes (huge) for the peak of the roof for Christmas :)

$2- Large Christmas Wreath for the front door

$125 - for 3 "husky" garage shelves - STURDY (like Gorrilla shelves)

Canning jars, and family fun magazines = FREE

WE got some freakin' good deals.......spent way more than we had planned for things we had planned on buying at some point...kind of cool.

Upon our return we did this:

We then showered and then have been relaxing a bit this afternoon.

K has last Thursday and Friday off and got to do some stuff by herself. She visited her grandma, finished a book, watched a movie, took a nap, had lunch with a friend, cleaned some of the fence, stained a bit of the fence, and enjoyed not being at work! :)

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