Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday ...

We went to dinner tonight at a local Mexican restaurant. It hit the spot. YUM. We had invited my cousin to come with.....but ended up having to take a kid to the doctor with an ear infection. Poor guy. We ended up buying her some roadside flowers on the way to her house to drop off the Pumpkin Bread we had made to share with them! (The other night our neighbor brought over Zucchini for us to make bread with......but when looking up the recipe we found that you can make Zucchini bread without the Zucchini and substitute pumpkin (which I knew we had a can of in the pantry). The next day in our frugal living section of the paper......another pumpkin bread recipe - WAS THAT NOT A SIGN?! That night we made it......and it tasted horrible.....so horrible I wanted to eat the whole loaf ;o) 3 points per half slice........YIKES.

Work has been slow....scary slow. I'm scanning maps, typing, copying......August is supposed to be a somewhat busy month for us.....but we'll be lucky if we make money this month. This is only a precursor of what is to come.........We are very lucky and thankful to have property in Grand Coulee paid for.......if need be.

We are headed East of the mountains this weekend for Labor Day. We're staying at a little place outside Mazama. We'll be just enjoying peace and quiet with nothing to do but read books, magazines, knit, and do some ebay stuff.

Also, a friend of mine is cleaning out her Mom's house (she just downsized on their property) and they don't want to hassle with a garage sale so were just going to take it to Goodwill. I told her to bring it over to my house and I'd have the garage sale!! So........ within a few weeks....I'll have a garage full of crap!!! :) I cannot wait! We'll have a garage sale to raise funds for the baby.......... anyone else have any crap that they'd want to donate?!?! (or tables?!)

That's it for now.......

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Skyrat said...

With this chilly damp weather, Mexican food does sound delicious! Sounds like a fun, enjoyable weekend planned over Labor Day - enjoy it. I had wondered if work had picked up at all or if it's still slacked off.