Thursday, August 07, 2008

Things To Enjoy

I've been trying to find something I find real joy in, whatever that be. I always smile when talking about my Christmas Lights (and love it) but that is only one season (and costs a lot of money) so although I love it - the only way to make it better each year, is to spend more money - of which will be VERY tight this year.
Side note, have I told you guys about the envelope system? ;o) K and I put money away into a little divided type planner and have money for Gas, Restaurants, Groceries, Fun, Personal Products, Gifts, and Clothes. THIS has saved us (last year) and will this year in preparing for Christmas and/or Birthdays.

Back to finding things I enjoy....... I really enjoy making things for people at work and/or sending care packages. I LOVE IT!! I also really, really loved a cookie that I bought in Vancouver at the Farmers Market....that was HUGE, but was SO yummy. So.......I've been thinking I could possibly make cookies and sell that at farmers markets. NOW, these aren't going to be your average cookie - they are going to be BIG cookies...... I just need to come up with a plan and figure out all I need to.

I know that I need to look into getting my food handlers permit - first off. Secondly, to be able to sell something like this - you need to work out of a commercial kitchen (which I know there is a place locally that will allow you to rent out some time in the kitchen) so there is that. The cost of all the ingredients, the time to bake them all (and to sell them) and just how much I'll make. R & K's Bakery is what people at work call that's what it will be! We'll see if it works out for next years Farmer's Markets....... that'd be awesome! (OR if I could find a way to ship cookies.......any ideas?)

That's it for now!!

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E, E, E, E & L said...

Love monster aunt gave me the recipe, oats, flour, peanut butter, chocolate chips, m&m's and more...You are supposed to make them with an ice cream scoop!
By the way I added to our blog!