Sunday, August 10, 2008

Heather Lake Trail

K and I decided that we'd go on a hike decided to look up Local Hikes and see what we could find. We found this trail called Heather Lake Trail. We needed some exercise points for this week (to get a cheesy prize tomorrow at Weight Watchers....... whatever incentive we can get!) and so we did it!

The thing we've found with this website and other hiking websites, is although someone else may call it may not be easy for everyone. We'd call it a moderate hike with lots of mud :) It was sure beautiful........ and I believe the words out of my mouth at the top were "Holy Shit!" :)

Here are some pics.....and the one of both of us is AT the VERY end of our hike...

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Debbie~ said...

Randi, I tagged you for a 'Quirky MeMe' on my blog!!! I hope you'll play. Come to my blog and get the rules!!! Love ya, Aunt Debbie~