Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Simple Frusterations

My computer is giving me major fits and I'm about to drop kick it out of this universe. It is 5-6 years old, getting crabby in its old age, and just not doing what I want without errors coming up. My anti-virus/spy ware is up to date and isn't finding anything out of the ordinary.........IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM! (and as I read in the Readers Digest this morning.... one of the top 12 things a computer person doesn't want people to do is go buy a Mac because they will then lose a lot of business!) I'm really contemplating it.....(not any time soon).....

Secondly, tonight I am tired! I was talking to my mom at 7:30 and was tired then, it is now 9:30 and guess what? I'm still tired! I'm going to hit the sack soon.

Thirdly, this week I've had no ambition to do anything remotely to help myself in the Weight Watchers arena of things. Why the heck would I want to exercise, if I exercised 4 times the first week and didn't lose but a measly amount? Can you tell that I tend to hold on to things?..... I weighed this morning and still no change in the scale. Ridiculous.

We're out of money for this pay period.....which really sucks - since we have a whole 'nother week to go (including a weekend). We'll see what we figure out.....maybe to Bellingham to a Sand Sculpting exhibit, or to the Skagit County Fair (for a minimal price) and/or sitting at home?....

I'm headed to bed......maybe tomorrow be another terrific day.

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