Saturday, August 09, 2008

Christmas Light Ideas/Suggestions

K and I discussed quite a bit today what we should do this year with (for) the Christmas lights in way of donations/sponsorships, etc.

My dad suggested we make shirts - which is a great idea - but we're thinking just a few shirts that we can wear around (and possibly a few family members also)

We're thinking of sending letters to a few local businesses and tree farms to see if they want to advertise on my website......

The question we keep asking ourselves though is....... If we were the business, we'd want to know how to track who comes to their place of business from my website?...(to know even if it was worth their money)....... any ideas???

I'm thinking of doing a drive of some sort...... diaper drive, food drive, any other ideas?? (I'd like to be as creative as I can....but it still needs to be simple)

Thanks in advance!!

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