Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend In A Flash

Our trip to Grand Coulee was wonderful! We spent time with friends, family and had lots of fun. A quick review of things we did:

Cuddled lots with a 2 month old baby :)
Swam in Lake Roosevelt / Columbia River (with and without bees!)
Ate, ate, and ate some more
Enjoyed the innocence of kids/teens

I took my camera, didn't take any pictures with *my* camera, but with my parents. I'll see to it that they email some to me so I can post them here.

I woot'ed for the first time all in one printer for $55.00 (including shipping) (of which I saw on sale at Target for $70! :) It should be here in a few days.....

I'm off to hit the sack.....the alarm is set to go off early to work out.......... I need to get this body in a little bit better shape to carry babies in the next few months!


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Ronnie said...

Hi, Randi!! LTNT! How's that new drum circle working out?