Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Tuesday - and Weekend in Review

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! :) It sure is nice to have had the sun shining as much as it has on us!

K is gone tonight helping a friend paint her grandpa's house (whom just moved out into a retirement home) and preparing to sell the house, so I'm enjoying a little peace tonight by myself....... :) allows me to get caught up on all my blogging!

Friday night K and I went to dinner at the casino and then played a little. She was the winner, and I lost all the money. We came out $13.00 in the hole (including dinner) - so that wasn't too bad.

Saturday we got up at about 7:30, but didn't get moving very quickly, which is nice! We piddled through the house and at about 10:00am decided to head out for a few garage sales. Our neighborhood was having a community sale (that they told everyone about 2 days before?). We ended up finding a waving Santa that lights up for $5.00! We had one in our display last year, but it was borrowed........ :) After that we went to the farmers market and bought lots of yummy stuff! :)

(Blueberries, kohlrabi, peas, some jalapeno cheddar sourdough bread and some yummy carmels by Forte Chocolates (karen@fortechocolates.com) YUM!!!!

We checked on K's grandma later in the day and she was still so out of sorts. That poor lady. Her daughter leaving and her having been in the hospital really sent her for a loop. She wouldn't go to meals or anything. We ended up taking her some frozen dinners. Here is a picture of her and Kauleen:

Later that night I went to a gathering of sorts with a group out of Sedro Woolley. It is a group of people who have gone to different churches and tried to fit in, but never really felt part of the church, but still wanted a community to belong to. It was a lot of fun!! We sang songs, went over their goals from the beginning of the year and where they were at, and just had a grand time! I don't normally do things like this but have been yearning for some more socialization lately and they meet every Saturday........and the best part is.....


So, I'll get in on that starting next month, cannot wait and also it may allow K to have some time to herself also, which she has been needing!!

Sunday when we got up....we had plans to go to the Bellingham Gay Pride Festival, but after the week of being gone every night, loving on Grandma and her needs a bit more, we were exhausted. We went to Target and bought new underwear (on sale-cheap!) and then came home and watched Juno.....yep, you read it - WE WATCHED TOGETHER, a movie.....and guess what? I DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP!!!! (although I was knitting.......and at times......my eyes were shutting.......BUT I stayed awake!) I loved it......very cute movie. After that, we did some yard work, etc.....and then decided to hit the festival in the afternoon. We drove 1/2 hour North.....got there.....and it was pretty lame. Obviously if we had hit it right after the parade it would've been a lot more people, but half the booths were tore down.....and it was 4:30 and was supposed to be going until 8pm. So we did about a 5 minute walk of the festival, listened to my friend from High School (Amber Darland) sing and play for a bit and then headed back home.......

Then, we decided to play re-arrange the furniture. Our Queen bed has a divot in it and so K is not all that comfy sleeping on her belly (which she does) and so we decided we'd move the full into our room (which was in the spare bedroom) and put the Queen bed in there.......that requires dis-assembling each bed frame, moving anything under the bed.....and then assembling all over again! Well....one night on the full bed and no sleep for either of us.........the next night, yep Monday night guess what we did? RE-ARRANGED FURNITURE AGAIN! This time........ we have the full still in the spare room.......BUT......this is what our room looks like:

No bed frame. We decided with the computer now in our room, and having had the Sleigh Bed out of our room for one night - we had a TON more room. So, we're probably going to bed a small size bed frame....but for now I like to think we'll keep it this way and add a few mattresses soon :) perfect for a wall of beds ;) (Oh and we put the sleigh bed on Craigslist and it went in less than 24 hours for the price we had said we'd sell it for!)

Work is going pretty good this week so far........ :) One person is out on vacation, but I think that tends to make the office a little different :) Our boss BBQ'd for us today, in celebration of our Burlington office joining our team. (With the way the market is, we had to shut down a small office and lay someone off....but the closer got to join our group) She's a fun, spunky lady.......and we need some life!!

Last night K and I went out to a local park, took some chicken and such, a blanket, and sat by the water and tried to come up with some short term and long term goals. We're pretty much on the same page........just achieving them all and how to go about doing that.

Having a baby is #1. I had someone, who knew someone, who may want my eggs (and I had originally thought that we could split/share the cost of the cycle - being about $5,000 each) but turns out that won't work........due to legal complications with the IVF Clinic.......so unless someone wants me eggs then we'll be paying full price - which we are prepared for. It is a good thing I called the other day to ask a few questions (we're preparing to take time off of work....) and they said they are full for September and are starting to fill up for October!!! They don't have the calendar yet......but will call me soon with the dates available! CRAZY-NESS to think that in a few months, I'll be trying again, or at least starting with the medicines...........oh what a pain in the ass ;o)

Secondly, we know that at least one of us wants to stay home and/or work part time - but that will not be doable in the house we are in. We have property that is paid for, but then we need to evaluate if we want to live in a small, non-gay friendly town and/or in more of an accepting town with possibility of meeting other likeminded life learning families.......:) so when we do get pregnant, then we get to figure out what now!? :) THAT is exciting..............

Thirdly, we want to finish Coulee......but that may take us some time. I think we've decided our next step in Coulee is to get stairs made, get the space covering our water pipes covered securely, and then dig for water and get the water pipes in. The first 2 aren't too bad cost wise (well....after the baby they will be) but the last one is going to be costly. As soon as we get it finished, it could possibly be an income for us - if that is what we so choose.

Our corn is about K's knee high right now :) Raspberries are growing like CRAZY! and are so yummy!! We pick usually morning and night on the raspberries......and have them on our cereal, eat them raw, and freeze lots too! With the price of raspberries in the store, I'm thinking we should plant more bushes for next year and sell them at a little stand!

I need to go finish fertilizing the rest of the veggies with fish fertilizer ;) as organic as it gets....... and get a few things done around the house.

I'll post our Fragrance Lake pictures upon my return back inside!

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Deb said...

Checking in with a hello, and an abundance of appreciation for the love you and K. put into this world. It does my heart good to read the care you're giving, together, to and for K's grandma.

Thank you for the exceptional indivuals you both are.

Love, Deb