Sunday, July 20, 2008

This & That

Hey Gang! :)

What beautiful weather we are having around here huh? Our corn is finally knee high, we're gathering bucket fulls of raspberries to freeze for on cereal and eating some fresh, and I have ate a few tomato's, our corn, artichoke, carrots, and onions are all doing well also! It is so fun growing your own garden!

Saturday K had an old friend over with her partner. We had a great time! We talked, ate, talked, and ate some more :) They have gone to Gay Bingo in the past and told us it is a really great time! I am bound to go this coming year!!

Today we took a drive up to Whatcom Falls and toodled around a little bit. It was fun! We also went to Bellis Fair to see if their Bon Clearance store was still open, but it wasn't........ I need a pair of dress brown pants......... (not like khaki's) but like polyester.........12 TALL :o) Have I ever told you how hard it is to find me pants without paying an arm and a leg?................and ask those of my family members that have gone shopping with me - how much fun they've had ;)

K is now taking a little nap with the cat :) and we're headed to Grandma's house later this afternoon to visit her......

I think I'm going to make some whole wheat bread using my roll recipe and whole wheat flour and see how it works. It should be cheaper than buying bread nowadays.....

Baby stuff is coming on right along...... we're planning for October which is only a few months away to begin (in September). Today we both had the thought (which we really can't dwell on) but WHAT IF THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN!? ugh. We could spend $12,000 and get nothing - which we've already done......
BUT ya know what?

My body is right where it needs to be to make a wonderful, and perfect baby.

The stinky part that we have to figure out now is time off........and wether we'll get it off together now or not.....

Done for now.

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Cori's Stories said...

dont worry about details like time off. everything like that will workout. you just think about that beautiful baby (babies!!) you are going to make.