Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hump DAY!

We've made it to Wednesday! ONLY ONE MORE DAY!!!!! :)

We got haircuts last night and both got a little different of a style - not too much, sure feels good.

I had knitting group and enjoyed a visit with only one lady :) but sure enjoy her! and then came home and ate some dinner and then hung with K when she returned from her Gma's house.

Tonight we'll clean up a bit, make some Amish Friendship Bread to take to the 4th and hang out in celebration of tomorrow being FRIDAY!!!!!!! (or our Friday).

I'm really missing my unschooling friends from LIG. :(



Zenmomma said...

We'll see you soon!

Ryan and DeWayne Hetrick said...

Sister is this lady your twin i had to look at this picture several times before i knew it was not you

Skyrat said...

And here I was hoping to see pics of y'all's new haircuts! hehehe

Frank said...

Have some fun for me!

Ronnie said...

See you Friday!!!!

The real Friday I mean, not the "our Friday" Friday. :-)